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Dear Wiki Users,

First of all, we would like to wish you a happy 2018, we hope this message finds everyone well. It's 2018, and we think it's time to shake up this Wiki again. Links on the Main Page are getting old, and if we want to keep our leading spot on the Darkweb, we must actualize them a little. No worries of course, nobody's going to interfere with people's business here (will talk about it a few lines later), but if we want to continue attracting visitors, we need to actualize things a little bit.

So here is what we came up with:

We just created a page called Link proposals, and also made a link to it from the MP. In this subpage, we encourage users to propose us sites which they think would make a good contribution for a new visiting user on the Main Page. New users can also propose sites, because the subpage will not be protected. And while we (administration) will make sure good sites will make it to Main Page, we also ask good members of our wiki to help us with this matter.

A few things/rules about this system, because we're quite sure that by reading this article onto this point, it already made a lot of user's mind nuclear :). Here are the rules that will calm you down:

There are a few special sections which are exceptions:

- Introduction Points: Don't want to be rude, but we're trying to manage some kind of a brand here with the 'Hidden Wiki' name. Since 2014, WE ARE the introduction point of the Deepweb, and while the current list can stay, we don't want to advertise or create other introduction points, if there are any. Sorry.

- Commercial/Financial sections: it is an ever growing hot potato, as many sellers and vendors are competing for the places, and we don't want to interfere with that, either. It's up to the (confirmed) user's discretion if they would like to allow some new links into these sections or not. If they don't want new links there, then there won't be new links there. You can judge this from a moral standpoint of course, but hey: this is the DeepWeb. And there are far worse people on the DW than the users here. For example:

- Child Porn. We still don't tolerate CP of any kind (or websites which are actively advertising it), so please, don't put CP on the Main Page. Don't even recommend/advertise them. About CP, you are free to create articles with educational purposes (history of it, psychological mambo-jambo, etc.), articles which can be interesting to the broader audience as well (not just for the CP lovers), but we don't want to support it in any form.

These are the exceptions. So please, even if you don't want competition to the financial zone that's fine, but please help us fresh up at least the other sections... because the Wiki can only stay on top if the links are current and fresh. Also, please don't delete other working links, at least from the non-commercial zones. There is no point doing that.

We're going to test this new system for awhile... and see if it works or not. This is everyone's best interest here, we hope everyone can realize this.

One more thing: We'll perform some maintenance on April 1st: we'll purge the database out of old entries that day. We did this before a few times, basically it means that on April 1st, every page's old revisions are gonna be deleted. This will help us compact the database, which will also give you faster page load and access times. So if there is something on a page's old revision that you personally need, please make a backup of it NOW.

Thank you for your attention, we wish you a good year. Be safe!