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Until recently, there was three trusted escrows., Escrow My Bits, and CoSign Coin. Since CoSign Coin is no more, I (ST13) have decided to start a Uncensored Hidden Wiki escrow with the approval of Admin. There seems to be a need for a trusted darknet escrow, or at least an escrow that accepts darknet transactions. Currently it will just be me, but if there is enough demand I will create an official onion site and hopefully some more trusted people as escrow judges.

Why should you trust me?

I have been a Administrator on the Uncensored Hidden Wiki for three years, and I am also a moderator at Hidden Answers. I am staking my reputation on this.


  • 1% fee (3% when disputed) with a 0.05 BTC minimum.
  • No limits on what the product is, unlike the clearnet escrows. It does not matter if the seller has an site, and it does not matter what you are buying or selling.
  • We will let you know if the seller is a known scammer before the transaction starts. There is a large database of scammers on Tor. If this happens, I will ask for an optional donation, but there will be no fee.




It is recommended to use PGP encryption for your e-mails, but it is your choice. Write us if you need the key.