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  1. The Matrix Very nice to read.
  2. How to Exit the Matrix Learn how to Protect yourself and your rights, online and off.
  3. Verifying PGP signatures A short and simple how-to guide.
  4. In Praise Of Hawala Anonymous informal value transfer system.
  5. Terrific Strategies To Apply A Social media Marketing Approach Great tips for the internet marketer.
  6. Blockchain graveyard Bitcoin websites hack stories.


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Introduction Points

  • MultiVAC Search engine for hidden services
  • Clearnet search engine for Tor Hidden Services (allows you to add new sites to its database).
  • Not Evil is a Tor search engine which only indexes hidden services on Tor.
  • DuckDuckGo A Hidden Service that searches the clearnet.
  • The Hidden Wiki A mirror of the Hidden Wiki. 2 days old users can edit the main page. [redirect]
  • Self-defense Surveillance Guide Tips, Tools and How-tos for Safer Online Communications (clearnet).
  • Everything About Tor Everything about Tor

Financial Services

Currencies, banks, money markets, clearing houses, exchangers:

Cryptocurrency Services (Wallets, Mixing)

  • Electrum Offline Bitcoin wallet by Thomas Voegtlin since 2011
  • Online Bitcoin Wallet with registration
  • Onion Wallet Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet and Bitcoin Laundry
  • EasyCoin Easy to use Bitcoin Wallet with Bitcoin Mixer
  • Bitcoin Fog Bitcoin anonymization taken seriously.
  • BitBlender Anonymously hide track of your bitcoin transactions with this coin mixer.
  • Wasabi Wallet - Open-source, non-custodial, privacy focused Bitcoin wallet for desktop.
  • - Make a Bitcoin payment with the strong privacy provided by Monero.
  • LocalMonero - Buy Monero. Sell Monero. Cash or online. Anywhere.

Financial Services

  • Imperial One of the top vendors offering wide range of products.
  • CC Galaxy #1 Carding Forum for CCs, Pre-Paid, WU, MG, Bank & PayPal Transfers, Since 2011.
  • Fast Money A slew of products from a darker side of finance
  • Black&White Cards prepaid and Cloned Cards with PIN. Good Customer Service. Best Deals. Cheap Prices.
  • PayPal Cent High quality PayPal accounts with balance.
  • Amazon GC Bring Your dreams to life with these amazing cards half of the price.
  • DreamWeavers Offering high quality prepaid products for a great deal.
  • ValidFraud Automatic worldwide mid-grade fullz and dump with pin shop.
  • Premium Cards Risk Free Pre-Paid cards for sale.
  • Guttenbergs Print Finest USD/EUR bills on market. Passes all known tests. Random serials. Only top-notch currency.
  • Volta Shop High quality PayPal and card only seller.
  • Cash Machine Phished PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, BoA, Wells fargo bank Accounts, Paysafecard's, US & EU Credit cards are available here.
  • Cheap Euros 20€ Counterfeit bills. Unbeatable prices!!
  • Euphoric Oblivion Risk Free Pre-Paid cards for sale.
  • Paypal-Coins Buy a paypal account and receive the balance in your bitcoin wallet.
  • Clone CC Crew No.1 Trusted onion site for Cloned Credit Card. $2000/$5000 balance available
  • Gran Thynnus Fully automated PayPal & Credit card market site. Fresh stock every 2 days. Best deals.
  • Private Carder Hub Offers everything you need to get started with cards.

Physical Services

Other Services

  • Forsaken The Fake ID Identity Name Generator


Drug Markets

  • Tochka Market Russian Anonymous marketplace for all kinds of stuff.

Drug Vendors

  • AmsterdamFlex Vendor Quality Cocaine from Colombia, Netherlands, Germany and Spain.
  • RedChili Vendor Good quality Cannabis for EU and US market. Usually has multiple strains.
  • CannabisUK UK Wholesale Cannabis Supplier
  • PushingTaboo Vendor Famous psychedelics vendor shipping since 2012.
  • Green Dragon UK Cannabis tincture, prompt delivery, low prices
  • EuCanna 'First Class Cannabis Healthcare' - Medical Grade Cannabis Buds, Rick Simpson Oil, Ointments and Creams
  • Peoples Drug Store The Darkweb's Best Online Drug Supplier.
  • Smokeables Finest Organic Cannabis shipped from the USA
  • DeDope German Weed and Hash shop. (Bitcoin)
  • MegrimLock Vendor Selling since 2013 Coke, Mdma, Meth, K, Ambien, LSD etc...
  • BitPharma EU vendor for cocaine, speed, mdma, psychedelics and subscriptions
  • NLGrowers Coffee Shop grade Cannabis from The Netherlands
  • The Church (JOR) The Private vendor shop of JesusOfRave – Old time vendor selling LSD & MDMA.
  • Kamagra for Bitcoin Same as Viagra but cheaper!

Domain Services

  • OnionName - Choose your desired domain name prefix, and order the domain, starting from 0.45 mBTC for 8 letters.
  • - The Internet's Fastest Privacy-First DNS Resolver
  • AntiDOS - Hidden Service DoS Protection
  • Garlic - Custom Onion domain generator.
  • OnionGen - Generate vanity URLs (i.e. they match a pattern you specify) with your CPU.
  • Scallion - Scallion lets you create vanity GPG keys and addresses (for Tor's hidden services) using OpenCL.
  • Eschalot - Eschalot is a TOR hidden service name generator, it allows one to produce a (partially) customized vanity address using a brute-force method.

Anonymity, Security & Privacy

  • TOR Project - Protect your privacy. Defend yourself against network surveillance and traffic analysis.
  • Tails OS - The Amnesic Incognito Live System. Privacy for anyone anywhere.
  • - A list of onion services run by the Tor project. Most of them are served from several backends using OnionBalance.
  • GnuPG - Encrypt and sign your data and communications.
  • IPredator VPN - VPN provider that keeps no logs, they say.
  • ExpressVPN - High Speed, Secure and Anonymous VPN
  • Mullvad VPN - Reputable No Logs VPN
  • HardenedBSD - Security-enhanced fork of FreeBSD implementing many exploit mitigation and security technologies.
  • Horizon - The Secure & Private Platform For Money, Messages, & Media. Bringing Privacy to life
  • Keybase - Open source and public-key cryptography powered security app for mobile phones and computers.
  • Cyph - Encrypted Messenger. Secure your Chats,Video and Calls in one click.
  • OnionShare - An open source tool that lets you securely share a file of any size.
  • Fake ID Generator - Fake Identity Name, SSN, Driver's License, and Credit Card Numbers Generator
  • BrowsInfo - Check your anonymity and browser traceability
  • PasswordGenerator - Strong Password Generator.
  • Njalla - A privacy aware domain registration service.
  • Keyringer - An encrypted and distributed secret sharing software.
  • Qubes0S - A reasonably secure operating system.
  • SMS Privacy - Anonymous SMS Messaging with Bitcoin



  • Kaizushi - Offers hosting for PHP/Django/Rails on a secure grsec/SELinux system, currently offering shell accounts, shared server hosting, VPS hosting.
  • OnionContainers - Run a shell server to use as a remote $HOME, host a website with an nginx container or even spin up a full Wordpress blog.
  • Impreza Host - It’s time to host your site on the onion network.
  • HomeHosting - Be your own hosting provider and do not rely on others. A system administrator helps you achieving this.
  • Zelos Hosting - Host your applications, webpages and shell in the tor network.
  • Private Hosting - Secured and anonymous. Linux PHP hosting 100MB and Unlimited Bandwidth. 99% up time. Friendly service.
  • Kowloon Hosting Services - Stealth TOR hosting. PHP + MySQL + Control panel. 256 MB to 1 GB. (Free Trial Accounts).
  • TorPress - Free WordPress hosting on the darknet
  • Liberty's Hackers Service and Hosting Provider in onionland - php5/mysql support - request considered on a case by case.
  • CYRUSERV - Hosting service with an emphasis on security, open for business again.
  • Freedom Hosting Reloaded - Free anonymous hosting with PHP and MySQL Support.
  • TorVps - TorVPS is the longest-running host on Tor.
  • Servnet - VPSes with preinstalled LAMP webserver stack.
  • Prometheus Hidden Services - Payed hosting, provides Virtual Private Server (VPS) with Linux.
  • SporeStack - Deploy VPS servers with Bitcoin. No account needed. Purely API driven. Specializes in ephemeral servers.




  • The Tin Hat - Blog discussing issues surrounding privacy, surveillance, big-data, and technology. Privacy is hard
  • Tor Metrics - The primary place to learn interesting facts about the Tor network, the largest deployed anonymity network to date.
  • - A list of onion services run by the Debian project.
  • - A list of onion services run by The TOR Project.
  • EurAsia - Your console hacking resource.
  • Superkuh - Much information about spectrogram, wireless, and radio.
  • JamieWeb - Tech Blog
  • La Quadrature - A non-profit association that defends the rights and freedom of citizens on the Internet.
  • Nonstate - Site for Joseph Fiero's ideas, usually about international relations.
  • Martijn Grooten's Blog - Martijn Grooten's Wordpress Blog
  • Chelsea Manning's Campaign - Campaign for Chelsea Manning as U.S. Senator in Maryland.
  • Beneath VT - Exploring Virginia Tech's steam tunnels and beyond.
  • The Psycho Path Manifesto - The statement and goals of The Realized Psycho Path Project.
  • Go Beyond - Only read if you don't mind being offended.
  • Shadow Life - Enjoy your life under the radar.
  • CryptoParty Movement - A grassroots global endeavour to introduce the basics of practical cryptography to the general public.
  • Tor Against CP! - Free and clean Tor - Tor users against CP!

Email / Messaging

See also: The compendium of clear net Email providers.

  • Protonmail Swiss based e-mail service, encrypts e-mails locally on your browser. Free and paid accounts.
  • Complete mail service that allows you to send and receive mails without violating your privacy.
  • TorBox This is a hidden mailbox service only accessible from Tor without connection with public internet.
  • Bitmessage support build-in. Registration is only available using their clearweb link with js.
  • Mail2Tor Mail2Tor is a free anonymous e-mail service made to protect your privacy.
  • is a privacy based email service and a Bitcoin/Monero exchange.
  • TorGuerrillaMail Disposable Temporary E-Mail Address.
  • Chat with strangers Talk to random users anonymously.
  • BlackHost Email provider, useful tech stuff and tools.

Social Networks

  • Facebook - The real Facebook's Onion domain. Claim not to keep logs. Trust them at your peril.
  • TapIIN - Best TOR Social Network. Connect with people. Make friends.Discover new places.
  • BlackBook - Social media site (The facebook of TOR)
  • Galaxy 3 - A revival of the old Galaxy community.
  • Agora - Anonymous Social Network.
  • Truth & Light Need help? We are here to help the best we can for anyone in need.
  • Torbook - The Facebook of Tor.
  • Alien's Chat - Chat about anything.
  • ChatBOX - Encrypted Chatroom
  • Ableonion Chat - Chat about anything. Freedom of speech without limits.
  • RetroShare - Chartserver hosted by Pirate Party Austria
  • Daniel's Chat - Chat about anything while respecting the rules.
  • Troll Scroll - Active public chat channel by not Evil.
  • Time to Confess - Everyone has secrets - Time to tell the world about yours.


Hack, Phreak, Anarchy (internet), Warez, Virus, Crack

  • Gitlab - Manage Git repositories with fine-grained access controls that keep your code secure
  • Turkish Citizenship Database. - Leaked Database containing identifying information for 49,611,709 Turkish citizens.
  • HeLL Forum - HeLL Reloaded is back!
  • RelateList - New era of intelligence.
  • 0xacab - Code hosting for friendly people.
  • Brmlab - A non-profit, community-run hackerspace in Prague.
  • - TOR Mirror of
  • CODE: GREEN - Ethical hacktivism for a better world. Join us and participate in modern world protests!
  • Hack Canada - America is a joke and Canada is the punchline. Old-ish hacking site, hosts a few archives.
  • Hackfest - The largest hacking event in Canada that brings together more than 900 computer security enthusiasts
  • Hacker Place - Site with several books and resources on software development, pentesting and hacking.
  • WE fight censorship - a Reporters Without Borders project that aims to combat censorship and promote the flow of news and information.
  • Keys open doors - Mirror of the former content of as at 26 January 2011, removed following a Sony lawsuit.

Forums / Boards / Chans

  • The Stock Insiders - How to Beat Wall Street. The community for exchanging Insider Information about Publicly Traded Companies.
  • The Intel Exchange - Know or need to know something? Ask and share at this underground intelligence gathering network.
  • - Create a home for your words.Start a new post now and write for free forever, no sign up needed.
  • Hidden Answers - Fast neat site for asking questions and receiving answers on Tor, e.g. linklists, tips&tricks,
  • 8Chan - The Darkest Reaches of the Internet. Create your own imageboard for free
  • EndChan - The imageboard at the end of the universe.anonymous imageboard that promotes ideas over identity.
  • Dread - Reddit-style onion forum where user migrated after reddit banned r/darknetmarkets.
  • Gangstas Paradise - Anonymous & Uncensored Forum.
  • Raddle - TOR Mirror of like forum for anarchists, social democrats, liberals and conservatives.
  • Weasly - A social gallery website designed for artists, to share their work with other artists and fans..
  • DNM Avengers - Darknet drug forum with reviews and marketplace discussion.
  • OnionLand - Discussion forum about all the Darkweb markets related topics.
  • IDC Reloaded - Italian Darknet Commuinity.
  • The Fallen - An exclusive forum for Theistic Satanists only.
  • GADW - German Austrian DW Forum
  • Simple Dark Boards - Build your own Board, Chat and Private Messaging System.
  • SuprBay - The PirateBay Forum
  • Darkweb Addicts - Darkweb forum based on Simple machines forum software
  • The Psycho Social Network - Participate in our community of certified mentally fucked up people!

Political Advocacy


  • Active at Darknet Markets? - Onion set up by the Police and the Judicial Authorities of the Netherlands, listing Active, identified, and arrested Darknet Market operators.
  • SoylentNews - A volunteer-powered news aggregation site that deliver articles about technology, science, and general interest.
  • Cryptome - Archive Government Leaks. Documents for publication that are prohibited by governments worldwide-- open, secret and classified documents.
  • SecureDrop - An open-source whistleblower submission system that media organizations can use to securely accept documents from and communicate with anonymous sources.
  • Daily Stormer - The most censored publication in history.
  • Publeaks -Safely and anonymously share information with the media
  • JokerBuzz - TOR Mirror of JOker.Buz. The Exchange of Information
  • ProPublica - An independent, nonprofit newsroom that produces investigative journalism with moral force
  • WikiLeaks - DeepWeb mirror of the famous Wikileaks website.
  • IRPI Leaks - Investigative Reporting Project Italy
  • ZeroDisclo - The right path to coordinated vulnerability disclosure.
  • OCCRP - Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project.
  • New York Times - Tor Mirror of New York Times
  • Buzzfeed - Tor Mirror of Buzzfeed.
  • AfriLeaks - Blow the Whistle.
  • BBC News - BBC News over Tor



Audio - Music / Streams

Video - Movies / TV

  • Torflix Watch Tv series over Tor
  • FileTor A Well organized Anime, Movie and TV Show Index



  • Madama libreygratis cl 200000+ videos from sites like pornhub, redtube, xhamster, xvideos, etc... And new videos are added hourly!


  • Darkscandals Site with real Rape, Blackmail and Forced videos (Pack 7 is out since February 12, 2017 ).
  • Xvideos - TOR Mirror of Xvideos. Free Porn Videos
  • TORs oldest p0rn site - A self titled porn site
  • PurePorn - The best hacked porn accounts
  • xPlay - Video streaming site, includes adult content
  • TSSA - The Secret Sex Story Archive.
  • Topprc - List of the best free Porn Tube Sites
  • Zoo.Cab - Beastiality and Animal Sex Archive.
  • Celebrity Undergound - Nude Celebs, models, singers, movie video clips, celebrity sex tapes

Noncommercial (E)

Commercial (E)

Animal Related


  • TelAvivService Professional anonymous global goods partners.
  • VOR-COM Archive Archive of the VOR-COM. Contains vore!
  • Madman File Storage Archives of illegal/miscellaneous (censored) files, such as guides for making methamphetamine, suicidal howto's and more. Anonymous users can submit files. Also a tor link directory. [temporarily down/empty for renovation]


Services that defy categorization, or that have not yet been sorted.

  • Framadate - An online service for planning an appointment or making a decision quickly and easily.
  • Stem - A Python controller library for Tor. Stem's latest version is 1.6.0
  • IIT Underground - Information on and photos of the steam tunnels and roofs at the Illinois Institute of Technology


Belarussian / Белорусский

Finnish / Suomi

French / Français

German / Deutsch

Greek / ελληνικά

Italian / Italiano

Japanese / 日本語

Chinese / 中国語

Polish / Polski

Russian / Русский

  • Зеркало библиотеки Траума - Бесплатная библиотека. Обложки, поиск и возможность скачивать в форматах FB2, HTML и TXT.
  • РосПравосудие - крупнейшая картотека юристов, адвокатов, судей и судебных решений (50+ миллионов документов, 35+ тысяч судей, 65+ тысяч адвокатов, сотни тысяч юристов, прокуроры). «РосПравосудие» - аполитичный и независимый проект.
  • China Market - китайский маркет. Всегда свежие поставки из Китая: каннабиноиды, MDMA кристаллы, экстази, LSD. Доставка без пересечения границы, есть представители в России, Украине и Казахстане. Автоматическое оформление, оплата и получение заказа. Методы оплаты: Bitcoin, Qiwi, Приват24, наличкой через терминалы.
  • Скрытые Ответы Russian Hidden Answers.
  • Rutor - главный форум черного рынка.
  • Схоронил! Архив magnet-ссылок.
  • Флибуста - Библиотека.

Spanish / Español

Portuguese / Português

Swedish / Svenska

Hidden Services - Other Protocols

Volunteers last verified that all services in this section were up, or marked as DOWN, on: 2011-06-08 For configuration and service/uptime testing, all services in this section MUST list the active port in their address. Exception: HTTP on 80, HTTPS on 443. For help with configuration, see the TorifyHOWTO and End-to-end connectivity issues

P2P FileSharing

IMPORTANT: It is possible to use Tor for P2P. However, if you do, the right thing must also be done by P2P Bandwidth|giving back the bandwidth used. Otherwise, if this is not done, Tor will be crushed taking everyone along with it.

  • Sea Kitten Palace - Torrent site and tracker for extreme content (real gore, animal torture, shockumentaries/mondo cinema, and Disney movies)
  • The Pirate Bay - The Pirate Bay.

Chat centric services


Use e.g. ChatZilla add-on for the IRC protocol (the Tor Project does not suggest installing browser addons unless you understand the risks), or a standalone client such as HexChat. Tails comes with Pidgin, which will work for IRC as well.

plaintext ports: 6667
plaintext ports: 6667; ssl: 6697
plaintext ports: 6667
running on; ssl ports: 9999; no plaintext ports
ssl ports: 6697; no plaintext ports
plaintext ports: 6667; ssl: 6697
plaintext ports: 6667; ssl: 9999
  • Nazgul - free for all IRC network
plaintext ports:
ssl ports: __undefined__ (SSL)
  • OnionIRC - New, censorship-free IRC server.
plaintext ports: 6668
plaintext ports: 6667; SSL ports: 6697
  • Smokey's Grill - General chat IRC. Doesn't allow plotting the abuse of other people. __undefined__
plaintext ports: 6667

  • Anonimowy IRC - Anonimowy IRC (Polish anonymous IRC server) __undefined__
plaintext ports: 6667; ssl:6697
running on; ssl ports: 6697; no plaintext ports
  • OFTC IRC - OFTC - unofficial hidden service for OFTC __undefined__
running on: (various), ports:: plaintext: 6667 ssl: 6697
plaintext ports: 6667; ssl: 6697
All of these direct to and allow plaintext port 6667 as well as SSL ports 6697, 7000, and 7070.

Below is a list of DEAD irc servers from Anonet:


  • - SILCroad, public server. [discuss/support]
  • <protect>Silkroad 2.0 - The new silkroad. Biggest marketplace for drugs on the Darknet. (Bitcoin)</protect>
  • - - Keep It Simple and Safe - ditch the web browser, use SILC to communicate securely (using Pidgin with OTR)

XMPP (formerly Jabber)

TorChat Addresses

Humans are listed in the above contact directory. Bots are listed below.

  • - TorChat InfoServ #2nd, by ACS.
  • - TorChat InfoServ #1st, by ACS...

SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol

These SFTP clients work with Tor: WinScp, FileZilla. Set proxy to SOCKS5, host, port 9150 (Windows,Mac) or 9050 (Linux). Encrypt your sensitive files using GnuPG before uploading them to any server.

  • - - SFTP file exchange service (username "sftp.anon", password "anon")

OnionCat Addresses

    • fd87:d87e:eb43:f683:64ac:73f9:61ac:9a00 - ICMPv6 Echo Reply
  • -
    • fd87:d87e:eb43:0744:208d:5408:63a4:ac4f - ICMPv6 Echo Reply
  • - bank-killah
    • fd87:d87e:eb43:1134:88c4:4ecb:c88d:ec9e - ICMPv6 Echo Reply
    • [fd87:d87e:eb43:1134:88c4:4ecb:c88d:ec9e]:8333 - Bitcoin Seed Node
  • - TasWeb - DOWN 2011-09-08
    • fd87:d87e:eb43:9825:6206:0b91:2ce8:d0e2 - ICMPv6 Echo Reply
    • http://[fd87:d87e:eb43:9825:6206:0b91:2ce8:d0e2]/
    • gopher://[fd87:d87e:eb43:9825:6206:0b91:2ce8:d0e2]:70/
  • - echelon
    • fd87:d87e:eb43:ac9d:b8f8:4c4b:9cc3:9cc6 - ICMPv6 Echo Reply

Bitcoin Seeding



Dead Hidden Services

Do not simply remove services that appear to be offline from the above list! Services can go down temporarily, so we keep track of when they do and maintain a list of dead hidden services.

  • In addition to an onion simply being gone (Tor cannot resolve the onion), sites that display 404 (and use a known onion/URL based hosting service) are the only other thing that is considered truly DOWN. Presumably the account is gone.
  1. If a service has been down for a while, tag it with ' - DOWN YYYY-MM-DD' (your guess as to when it went down).
  2. If a tagged service on the above list of live hidden services has come back up, remove the DOWN tag.
  3. If a tagged service is still down after a month, please move it (along with the DOWN tag) to the list of dead hidden services.
  • The general idea of the remaining four service states below is that, if the Hidden Service Descriptor is available, and something is responding behind it... the service is considered up, and we track that fact on the Main Page. If any of these subsequently go offline, append the DOWN tag and handle as above.
  1. Hello world's / statements, minimal sites, services with low user activity, etc (while boring)... are listed as usual.
  2. Broken services are those that display 404 (and do not use a known hosting service), PHP or other errors (or they fail silently)... any of which prevent the use of the service as intended. They also include blank pages, empty dirs and neglected status notes. Presumably the operator is in limbo. Broken services are tagged with ' (reason) - Broken YYYY-MM-DD' (your guess as to when it went broken)
  3. Services that automatically redirect to another service (such as by HTTP protocol or script), have their redirection destinations noted in their descriptions. These are tagged with ' - Redir YYYY-MM-DD' (your guess as to when it went redir)
  4. Sites that are formally closed via announcement are tagged with ' - Closed YYYY-MM-DD' (your guess as to when it went closed.